Education in India has been taking new shape with child centre approach and Right to Education (RTE) being implemented in our country and all the Educators are challenged to change their methodology and adapt new approaches towards their wards. Here in Our Lady of the Rosary Higher Secondary School, Dona Paula, the students are given lots of opportunities in every field, be it academic, sports, cultural, extra -curricular activities etc. Some of them have come out with flying colours at international level like Sybil Fernandes who won 2 Gold medals and one bronze medal in Karate and Leena Gauso who won 1 Gold medal at National level in Cricket. Many students received the opportunity to play at National level and State level. This year our Hockey team came out victorious at the state level. Our students also secured first place in Mando- Folk song of Goa at State level. Thanks to the effort of our teachers who without counting cost give themselves selflessly.

Imparting Education is a team -work and no one will deny that wherever the team is united, success runs after that institution. Exactly same is happening in this institution, we have been achieving laurels after laurels. The special feature of Our Lady of the Rosary Higher secondary School is our Staff members who are very dedicated and experienced. Each one is so sensitive to the needs of each student. They create such an atmosphere of home that those who leave the portal of this institution will surely come back to meet their teachers who they find as their guide and friend. The freedom which is crated here is incomprehensive.

When I first came to this Institution as Principal I was totally impressed by the atmosphere here among the staff and students. Rarely do we find staff comprising of best people woven together like fine fabrics. I am grateful to God for such a lovely place and homely school.

My prayer to God is that may He continue to work through us to mould these minds of students to make them truly patriotic and loving citizens of our country, being successful in whatever they may do.

May Our Lady of Rosary intercede for us so that God may continue to brighten our way and we may progress with the developed world and learn with the latest technology!

God bless you!

Sr. Jenet Almeida