Mother Mary of the Passion- Foundress of the Congregation.

It is run by the sisters of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary to give an all round education-academic, physical, moral and spiritual, primarily to Catholics for whose education the Institution is established and also to other children irrespective of religion or race, in so far as it is consonant with Christian Principle. Students of all denominations are admitted into the Higher Secondary School, with all respect to their freedom of conscience, but they are expected to conform to the moral standards of the Institution.

During 1991-95, the students’ Council and various committees were formed. The first Annual Sports Day was held in February 1992 in collaboration with the High School. After the various efforts for raising funds for the H. S. S. building, the foundation stone was laid on 6th March 1994.

In January 1996 Higher Secondary was shifted to the new building. Since classes are being held during the morning session. In June 1996, fund raising drive was started and from the amount collected various needs of the Higher Secondary School were met.

In 1997, separate canteen was started and the proceeds were used for sports equipments. School fete was organized jointly by High School and Higher Secondary School to raise additional funds in order to repair the road from the school gate.

In the year 1999, the School Anthem was composed by the group of students of Std XII.