Our Lady of the Rosary Higher Secondary School, Dona Paula conducted the installation of the Council members on 4t July 2018. The theme was ‘BE A GUIDING LIGHT’

The ceremony began with the marching of the students on the stage, followed by the hymn ‘We are one in the Spirit’ sung by them.

God’s blessings were invoked upon the council followed by the investiture ceremony where the council members received their badges, epaulets and sashes at the hands of the Principal, Sister Jenet Almeida and the Manager Sister Angela D’Souza assisted by the Student Councillor Mrs. Irene Delaney.

The Principal administered the oath of office to the council. The Manager Sr. Angela spoke words of inspiration to the students about leadership and responsibility.

The General Secretary Miss Shanon do Rosario then thanked all for the support she got from all and shared her thoughts.

Finally the student council received the light from the student councillor while the song ‘carry your Candle’ played.

The formal ceremony ended with the school anthem sung by all.

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