Every year Our Lady of the Rosary Higher Secondary School holds a talent search event in which students come forward and showcase their talents of singing, dancing art etc. This year’s Talent Search witnessed an amazing performance of offstage and onstage events.

While on stage events gave us a new bundle of dancers, actors and singers, the offstage events gave us our future hair stylists and artists. This talent search had many students taking part and unleashing their hidden potential.

While the dancers performed on various songs and captivated us with their amazing dance moves, the singers brought glory to the event with their melodious voices.

The hairstylists in the offstage events included hairstylists for bridal crowns and parties. The paintings were yet splendid. Talents are God given and we at Rosary’s recognise this and hope to get the best of students

Sanaida Fernandes
XII Arts

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